I contacted Digital Mantra, expressing to him a desire to create a special collector's edition boxset for his phenomenal game, Eris, purely as a thank you to him for making what became, and still is, one of my favorite games of all time. He was down. So I went at designing what you see here, working closely with him — getting his opinions, critique, and approval on each and every element.

As you can see, the goal was to design the set as if it were a real Super Nintendo game from the 1990s. Going above and beyond the usual SNES release from those years, we decided to cram into the box a full double-disc album of Digital Mantra's original soundtrack inspired by his game, a double-sided poster/map, a sticker, a full-color instruction booklet, and of course the game itself. In addition each copy was hand-numbered by myself.

The map was created by Danidub. If you've seen a map for a Super Metroid game, chances are he is the cartographer. Check out more of his work here.

Only 7 copies were made. None of them were ever originally shrink-wrapped.

This was the first Limited Collector's Edition I made; this one started it all. It's pretty memorable for me for that reason.