Hello there

My name is AdvancedPillow. I create these Limited Collector's Editions (LCEs) for fun, to fulfill that good ol' nostalgia, and for the creators and fans of the games to enjoy on their actual consoles.

Thanks for checking out my work!

What does LCE mean? It is just an acronym for "Limited Collector's Edition," the designation I give to the kind of CIBs I design.


What sets apart your LCEs from other boxsets?  I work closely with each game's creator throughout the design process, seeking their input and approval. Beyond the expected game cartridge and instruction booklet, I cram lots of fun goodies inside the box: poster; map; maybe a set of pins, or a CD soundtrack of music from (or inspired by) the game; maybe art prints or an art book. Each copy is hand numbered and also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Recently I just started to get custom art created for each LCE boxset, too, which I will continue to do.


How many copies do you make? I prefer to make 10 or fewer but I am open to going up to 20 copies.


Where can I buy a boxset? This website is strictly a portfolio, not a store.


Can I follow you on social media? I'm on Instagram as AdvancedPillow.