Hollow Eve and B2-TW (Balls to the Wall) are two separate mini challenge games made by Grime, the creator of Project Base, collected in this LCE on one cart. While these may not be as well-known as Project Base, they have some of the most unique gameplay seen in a Super Metroid game and their graphics are fantastic. 

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Those are pins. The Hollow Eve + B2-TW 2-in-1 Limited Collector's Edition comes with a set of four custom-made pins featuring art from each game.

The art I chose for Hollow Eve was made by Noble--6 and it is spectacular. So evocative. I re-colored it orange to better match the game's Halloween theme and color palette.

Likewise, the art I chose for B2-TW is also incredible. The recolor job I did to better match Samus's green suit in the game does not do the original version of the art justice. The original version is phenomenal. It's painted by TronixGFX.

Like Project Base before this, I made this 2-in-1 LCE as a random surprise for Grime. :) See more of Grime's various artistic endeavors at his website, begrimed.com.

Only 6 copies were made.