Ah, Hyper Metroid. Possibly the greatest Super Metroid game there is. One of my favorite games of all time. It was made by the masterful Trevor "RealRed" Sitkoff. See more of his art at his website

The version of the game this Limited Collector's Edition contains is  an exclusive, updated version of the game not available anywhere else, created by none of than RealRed himself. 

Like the LCE of Eris before this, the creation of the Hyper LCE boxset was so memorable. Red and I worked together on this every single day, practically non-stop. We finished in just a couple months. 

He made all of the paintings and concept art you see featured here. The painting he created for the magnet, also appearing on the art book cover, took him nearly 24 hours!

It was an insanely productive process for him as well as myself. The logo for this project, made from scratch per Red's design, also taking a little over 24 hours total. 

The deadline was an art show of Red's, in which he had a full installation of this game, playable on actual hardware.

It was an awesome project. Working on it with RealRed was smooth, fun, and creatively inspiring. That seems to be a pattern with these LCEs — where working with the creators is always a memorable and inspiring experience for me that I will carry forever.

Only 10 copies were made.