Metroid Super Zero Mission (MSZM) was originally created by an incredibly talented person who goes by the name SB. It blends the gameplay of Super Metroid, the graphics of Metroid Zero Mission, and tells the story of that game, which expanded on the plot of the original adventure, Metroid.

Phew. A little complicated, but this is necessary to understand exactly what this boxset is. 

So where does the "Super Speed" moniker come from? Well, from SB himself actually! I've always loved his game, MSZM, but I always wanted to go faster and sequence break more than his original version allows.

I reached out to SB and actually heard back from him! He was down with my hexedit ideas to speed-up his game. He even gave me the title to name it, Metroid Super-Speed Zero Mission (MSSZM). 

What are the changes? Well, MORE SPEED. The major changes are that Speed Booster can be charged in much less time as well as be charged in Morph Ball form. Some minor changes are faster elevators, shorter item acquisition boxes, as well as Samus's sprinting speed not resetting after landing from a spin jump.

This boxset is a production by the all around good-guy and talented UncleTusk. If you know retro games, you know Tusk. I had promised Tusk I'd design something for him ages ago and finally, in 2015, I kept my promise. 

Please understand: This is not a boxset from my Limited Collector's Edition series. This is a boxset managed exclusively by the main-man, Uncle Tusk. I decided to include it here to showcase the design work I did on it.

50 copies were made.