Project Base. One of the coolest versions of vanilla Super Metroid. The graphics, lush. The gameplay, improved. Created by one of my favorite artists, Grime, his Project Base is intended to be used as a template for other artists to work from. (Hyper Metroid was built from Project Base.) Hence the name. However, it can be enjoyed on its own as an incredible game in and of itself. 

The LCE includes a comic book retelling Samus origin story, as featured originally in the pages of Super Metroid. Project Base is essentially Super Metroid remixed, so I thought it would be a cool bonus. 

Included as well is a poster of one of my favorite Super Metroid paintings. It is made by the ridiculously talented Noe-Leyva. I retouched the color to better match the color scheme of Project Base.

I made this LCE as a random surprise for Grime. :) See more of Grime's various artistic endeavors at his website,

Please note: Not pictured is the Project Base sticker. 

Only 4 copies were made.